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Nostalgia Is Good for You!

Nostalgia was once thought to be an illness caused by clanging cowbells. We know better now. Photo by Max Itin on Unsplash. Believe it or not, nostalgia was once considered a disease. If you had it, you might be “treated” with leeches, opium, blood-letting, bullying or even bodily harm. A Russian general once threatened to … Read more Nostalgia Is Good for You!

Why Not Bake a Cherry Pie?

I ate the most delicious cherries the other day. I only buy cherries if they’re from neighbouring British Columbia, and I make a point of stuffing myself when they’re in season. Eating cherries always makes me think of my Kamloops family. Kamloops, B.C., is where my dad’s oldest sister lived. Every summer, my Auntie Jessie … Read more Why Not Bake a Cherry Pie?

What Is a Storyphile?

A storyphile is someone who loves stories. It’s not a word you’ll find in the dictionary. Yet. But it’s a good word nonetheless—especially for a former classics* major like me. It combines the word story with the suffix –phile, which means someone who loves. It’s from the Greek philos, which means beloved or loving. The … Read more What Is a Storyphile?

Take Care of Your Stuff!

Are you the designated guardian of your family photos and archival treasures? If you are, I hope you’re protecting things properly. Edmonton historian laureate Marlena Wyman and the Provincial Archives of Alberta offer some great tips. 1.   Make sure your treasures aren’t being damaged by sunlight and damp. (Keep them out of your basement, if … Read more Take Care of Your Stuff!