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At Storyphile, we help people tell the stories of their lives and preserve their roots and remembrances for generations to come.

Storyphile can help you preserve your life story as an audio recording, a full-scale printed memoir or a photo-rich celebration book. You can choose from one of our life story packages. Or we can customize a package to suit your needs.

Let us help you tell your story. Get started today.

Microphone icon for Storyphile's interview and transcription projects.

Audio-Recorded Interviews

Capture your voice on high-quality digital recordings that preserve your voice for all time.

Audio Recordings and Transcripts

Transcripts of your life story interviews add an archival record you can read or listen to.
Open book icon for Storyphile book production projects.

Full-Scale Memoirs

Preserve your complete life story with a beautiful heirloom book or ebook.

Celebration Books

Celebrate special birthdays and milestones with a collection of short stories to accompany your favourite family snapshots.

Memorial Books

Honour the memory of a loved one with a tribute book that celebrates their life with stories and pictures.

Slice of Life

Document a special chapter of your life in a booklet filled with stories and photos.
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Memorial Cards

Funerals aren’t fun, but a special memorial card be a treasured souvenir that commemorates a departed loved one.
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It’s hard to find fitting words of remembrance when you’re grieving a loss. Storyphile captures your sentiments and prepares an eloquent eulogy on your behalf.
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Living Obituaries

What’s most important about your life? What do you want your loved ones to remember? If you write your obituary now, your last words will be your own words.
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Editing Services

If you’ve written your own life story, our professional editing services can add structure, polish and flair.
Parthenon icon for Storyphile's corporate history writing projects.

Corporate History Writing

Tell your company’s corporate story to engage your employees and your community. It’s a great way to preserve your past and build for the future.

Gift Certificates

A Storyphile gift certificate is an extra-special way to say Happy Birthday, Happy Father’s Day, Happy Anniversary or Happy Retirement.

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

—Lao Tzu

Let us help you tell your story. Get started today.