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Celebration Books

Who needs a celebration book?

Everyone! Because everyone’s life is worth celebrating. And because celebrating is fun!

A celebration book is a great way to mark a special birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding or landmark event. A retirement, perhaps. Or the birth of your first (or fifth!) grandchild.

It’s a gift you can share with all your dear ones. And it’s a gift that keeps on giving—year after year after year. Even long after you’re gone.

Think about it. Flowers and chocolates are always nice. Cake and champagne are nifty too. But what’s left for you when the party’s over?

Sure, you could celebrate with a pricey vacation. At least you’d still have pictures of all those glorious sunsets.

But why not capture your best pictures and the best moments of your life all in one place—in a special book all about you.

What better way to celebrate?

After all, there’s no one in the world quite like you. And your near and dear ones would love to get to know you better.

How celebration books work

Storyphile interviews you about the major chapters of your life. We write short, engaging stories that capture your special memories and the special places and faces that marked each chapter. We include your own wise words about life and living. And we work with you to select favourite family snapshots to bring your story to life.

Storyphile writes, edit, scans your photos, develops photo captions and puts everything together in a well-designed book.

What you’ll need to do

  • Get started. (You’ll need to sign a letter of agreement and pay a 50% deposit.)
  • Spend a couple of hours chatting with us about your life.
  • Spend another couple of hours going through your family albums. Select up to 50 of your favourite photos and jot down the stories behind the pictures. (We’ll help you with this step.)
  • Review a first draft of the content and layout of your celebration book. Let us know if there’s anything we need to fix.
  • Approve a final draft of your book before it’s printed.
  • Sit back and enjoy! And share copies with your dear ones, of course.

What you’ll get

  • up to 3 hours of interview time
  • 5 copies of your very own celebration book (You can order additional copies for an additional cost.)
    • softcover (perfect bound)
    • 2,500 to 5,000 words
    • 40 to 60 pages
    • up to 50 photos and images
    • one colour (black)

What it costs

  • $4,995 (plus GST/HST)

How long it takes

  • at least 3 months

Deposits and payments

The deposit is 50% of the total fee. The balance is due when you receive your finished book.