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Who We Are

Our Mission

At Storyphile, we help people tell the stories of their lives and preserve their roots and remembrances for generations to come.

Our Own Story

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Storyphile is the dream business of Edmonton writer and editor Marie Lesoway.

Marie’s love for stories is not surprising. She grew up in a large extended family in a small Alberta town, where she was blessed with many grandmothers. Her family lived with her mom’s mom. Her dad’s mom lived next door. And her great-grandmother lived next door on the other side.

Marie loved her grandmothers’ stories and regrets not asking for more of them. She presumed they would always be there, and that she would always remember them. She has since learned to write things down!

Marie founded Storyphile to help other people preserve and share their family stories.

About Storyphile

Storyphile is a division of Pentacle Productions, communications experts who have created magic words for corporate and government clients since 1996. Story-based assignments are our favourite work.

About Marie Lesoway

Marie Lesoway, BA, MBA, is a professional writer, editor and personal historian who has managed her own communications business for 20+ years. She lives in Edmonton and plants her garden on a small piece of the family farm where her parents’ story started.

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