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4D. Book Production

You may choose to transform your life story into a book—either in printed or electronic format.

Book production begins with your final, approved book manuscript.

Storyphile works with our trusted partners to transform your manuscript into a beautiful book or ebook that you and your loved ones will enjoy and cherish for generations to come. It will become part of your legacy.

Storyphile manages the book production process for you.

  • We develop, edit and proofread all written content added during the book production phase. This includes copy for the front and back covers, the copyright page, preface, table of contents, dedication and acknowledgments.
  • We write copy for the front and back covers and spine and arrange for author photos and testimonials, as needed.
  • We prepare the copyright page, which includes the publication date, credits and other information.
  • We help you write a preface (your own statement about the book)—or write it for you.
  • We prepare a table of contents and lists of photos, illustrations, maps and tables.
  • We work with you to write a dedication and prepare acknowledgments.
  • If you decide your book needs an index, we arrange for a professional indexer to create one.
  • We prepare your manuscript for publication.
  • We make arrangements for layout and design.
  • We identify suitable printers and bookbinders.
  • We help you negotiate contracts with book designers, printers, binders, photographers, indexers and other professionals—or negotiate on your behalf.
  • We help you select a book design, format, size, cover type and binding to suit your taste and your budget.
  • We manage the entire process—including design, production and printing. We are your point of contact between your designer, printer and other professionals who work on your book.
  • We obtain copyright permissions for any third-party material you might wish to use in your book.
  • We review and correct page proofs (from your designer) and print proofs (from your printer).
  • We help you plan a book launch.

Celebrations and book launches

Completing your life story—in any format—is reason to celebrate. It’s time to break out the cake and champagne.

If you’ve decided to produce your life story as a book, Storyphile will help you launch it in style.

  • We’ll help you plan an event where you can present signed copies of your work to all your dear ones.
  • We’ll provide invitations you can email—or print out and send.
  • We’ll bring the cake!

If you want to launch your book with a really big splash, Storyphile can help you with media releases, posters, newspaper ads and other kinds of promotion.