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Editing Examples

Glasses, page and pen icon for Storyphile's editing projects.

Storyphile’s Marie Lesoway has been a writer and editor almost from the time she could first hold a pencil. She has run her own communications business, Pentacle Productions, for more than two decades. She also holds Editors’ Association of Canada certification as a copy editor and proofreader.

Image and downloadable excerpt of Josephine Lesoway's memoir "My School Days," a Storyphile editing example.

My School Days

Storyphile transformed this original manuscript into print-ready text.

Image of Josephine Lesoway's original manuscript for her "My School Days" memoir, a Storyphile editing project.
Image and downloadable excerpt of "My Marriage," a Storyphile editing project.

My Marriage 

Storyphile’s Marie Lesoway helped her mother craft and shape the story of her marriage for an exhibit at Mundare’s Basilian Fathers Museum. Marie’s parents were one of the couples featured in the exhibit.  

Nicholas and Josephine (nee Fill) Lesoway circa 1945. Nick and Jo are the subjects of "My Marriage," a Storyphile editing example.
Josephine (nee Fill) and Nicholas Lesoway, 1945