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10 of Marie’s Favourite Things

  1. I love learning new things.
  2. I love good books—the kind with stories that wrap you up in another time or place or experience. My favourite present ever was a sackful of new books that my husband picked out just for me. And they were all by women authors. (Bonus!)
  3. I love good, hard crossword puzzles—like the Saturday one in the New York Times. (Cryptic crosswords are good too!)
  4. I love my great-grandmother’s makitra—a wire-wrapped earthen bowl used for grinding poppyseed (mak). It was made from local clay around 1901, and passed from my great-grandmother to my grandmother to my mother and then to me.
  5. I love Alberta’s glorious sunsets and boundless skies—and the feel of good prairie dirt crumbling in my fingers.
  6. I love the sound of finches welcoming the day. I love apples and apple blossoms. I love lilacs, especially the ones my parents planted around their first house more than 70 years ago.
  7. I love music—especially classical, but pretty much any kind. Except for rap. (I think rap would be fun to do, but it’s boring to listen to.)
  8.  I love pasta. Any kind. Anytime. (I’m not called Noodlehead for nothing.)
  9. I love stories. I was the wide-eyed kid who soaked up the family tales. And as a Classics major, I loved the myths and legends of ancient times.
  10. I love helping people record and preserve their own stories.