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People Stories

Storyphile’s Marie Lesoway has conducted 100s of interviews with storytellers of all ages. She has profiled scientists, musicians, artists, medical researchers, mechanical engineers, hockey players, entrepreneurs and scores of regular folk who had a story to share.

Her work has appeared in magazines, annual reports and academic publications. It has also been presented at conferences in Canada and in Ukraine.

Downloadable excerpt of the Alberta Prion Research Institute's annual report, a Storyphile people story example.

Connecting Communities
Alberta Prion Research Institute

Storyphile’s Marie Lesoway profiled five of Canada’s leading researchers in an annual report for the Alberta Prion Research Institute. Prions are proteins that can misfold and cause bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), or mad cow disease.

Image and downloadable excerpt of "Mundare Pioneers," a Storyphile people story example featuring the Polomark family.

Mundare Pioneers

The Polomarks were a prominent Mundare pioneer family whose community-building efforts left an indelible mark. Sam Polomark was a local storekeeper for 72 years, and his daughter Gwen taught many generations of Mundare kids.

Mundare's hospital fundraising committee circa 1925.

Eva (nee Kobarynka) Polomark—at back left—was on the fundraising committee that raised money for Mundare’s first hospital, which opened in 1927. Dan Polomark’s daughter Marie is at front left. Marie Lesoway’s great-grandmother, Teklia (nee Bandura) Hewko is in the centre of the photo.

Cover of the Migrations from Western Ukraine to Western Canada conference proceedings, a Storyphile people story example.


Marie Lesoway presented papers on bread-making and Ukrainian ritual breads at two international conferences to mark 100 years of Ukrainian settlement in Canada.

"Ukrainian Ritual Breads" article in the Migrations conference publication, a Storyphile people story example.
The cover of the Continuity and Change book, which contains a Storyphile people story example.

Continuity and Change

Marie Lesoway’s article, “Women in Three Households,” offers a glimpse into the daily lives of Ukrainian pioneers.

The "Women in Three Households" article in the Continuity and Change book, a Storyphile people story example.

Deacon Adrian Karpa

Deacon Adrian Karpa, OSBM, trained many singers and cantors and made a huge contribution to Ukrainian Canadian church music.

A story about pioneer deacon and master cantor Adrian Karpa, a Storyphile people story example.

Jacob Matwiiw

Jacob Matwiiw was a choirmaster and church cantor trained by Deacon Adrian Karpa. For many years he directed the Trident Choir, whose members hailed from Hilliard, Chipman and Mundare.

A story about Alberta choir conductor Jacob Matwiiw, a Storyphile people story example.