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Take Care of Your Stuff!

Are you the designated guardian of your family photos and archival treasures? If you are, I hope you’re protecting things properly. Edmonton historian laureate Marlena Wyman and the Provincial Archives of Alberta offer some great tips. 1.   Make sure your treasures aren’t being damaged by sunlight and damp. (Keep them out of your basement, if … Read more Take Care of Your Stuff!

Canada Gets Its First Stamp

Today is the 169th anniversary of Canada’s first postage stamp—the Three-Penny Beaver. Designed by Sandford Fleming, it was the world’s first pictorial stamp that did not feature the image of a monarch or a statesman. Scottish-born Canadian Sir Sandford Fleming was a railway surveyor, construction engineer, inventor and scientist. He was the man who gave … Read more Canada Gets Its First Stamp

Living in Interesting Times

I’ve always thought the expression “May you live in interesting times” was an ancient Chinese curse. It seems this is not the case. Nonetheless, with the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, we do indeed live in interesting times. But humankind throughout the ages has survived pandemics of many kinds. We will get through this one too. … Read more Living in Interesting Times

If Only Spaghetti Grew On Trees

Today was April Fool’s Day, so I thought I’d look up the origins of the holiday. It turns out that no one knows for sure. It definitely dates to ancient times and to festivals of practical joking associated with the coming of spring. My favourite April Fool’s prank is the 1957 BBC “documentary” about Switzerland’s … Read more If Only Spaghetti Grew On Trees